Nvidia’s Audio2Face technology transforms character animation in “World of Jade Dynasty,” making expressions more realistic based on audio cues.

Perfect World Games has integrated Nvidia’s Audio2Face technology into its MMORPG “World of Jade Dynasty,” easily transforming audio into animated facial expressions. This move leverages GenAI to convert spoken audio into dynamic facial animations, enhancing the realism and immersion of the gaming experience.

“World of Jade Dynasty,” crafted with Unreal Engine 5, showcases this technology by animating characters based solely on voice inputs. This integration signifies a leap in development efficiency and presents a more authentic, intelligent gaming experience. Audio2Face’s standout features include its ease of integration, high automation level, multilingual support, and ability to output lip-sync animation in various languages quickly.

Nvidia’s Omniverse Audio2Face, an AI animation app, infers and generates 3D character emotions from a single audio track, creating detailed facial animations. This tool, freely available to creators and developers, operates through a pre-trained deep neural network that automatically manages facial, eye, mouth, and head movements, enriching characters’ expressions.

This strategic adoption by Perfect World Games boosts development efficiency and significantly enhances the gaming landscape with more lifelike and responsive character interactions. By providing Nvidia’s Audio2Face on the Omniverse platform for free, it opens up advanced animation techniques to a wider array of creators, fostering innovation and inclusivity in game development.