Popster enhances its music-sharing app with AI-generated cover art and remixing features to attract more users.

Social music-sharing app Popster has introduced two new features to expand its user base: an AI image generator for cover art and a collaboration tool for remixing songs. Launched last year, Popster allows artists to create and share original songs and music videos, adding stickers, backgrounds, and vocal effects. A community section also enables artist interaction.

With GenAI, Popster now helps artists generate lyric ideas, create new beats, and enhance audio quality. The “Add a beat” feature lets users select genres and vibes to compose backtracks for vocals. Using Mubert’s royalty-free tracks, Popster avoids legal issues faced by other AI music apps.

Popster’s new “Albums” feature generates AI-created cover art, adding a visual layer to short-form videos. Artists can enter prompts to create images displayed as sticker overlays, enhancing their video content.

The app’s “Mashup” feature, similar to TikTok’s “Stitch” and “Duet” tools, lets artists remix and collaborate by recording side-by-side videos. This encourages creative partnerships and experimentation.

Despite having a modest user base, Popster has facilitated nearly 10,000 original songs, with users averaging 1.5 hours daily on the app. Popster has raised $280,000 from the Realize Tech Fund and is seeking additional funding to grow its team and improve its video server. Future plans include launching paid features and partnering with music labels.