Puma partners with Google Cloud to enhance its online retail experience using advanced AI technology.

The collaboration aims to make Puma’s online shopping more efficient and personalized for customers worldwide. By leveraging Google Cloud’s GenAI solutions, Puma seeks to overcome challenges in understanding customer preferences and optimizing its e-commerce platform. Google Analytics and BigQuery help Puma gain valuable insights into customer behavior, leading to a 19% increase in average order value.

Additionally, Google Cloud’s AI capabilities enable Puma to access real-time inventory levels up to four times faster. This helps customers find products they want more quickly and efficiently, improving their shopping experience.

Puma plans to further integrate Google Cloud’s GenAI solutions into its direct-to-consumer channels. This includes implementing Vertex AI Search for retail, enhancing product discovery, and delivering personalized recommendations based on customer interests and trends. Furthermore, Puma aims to explore generative AI and visual search tools to offer innovative features like a personalized shopping assistant and virtual try-on experiences.

In summary, Puma’s partnership with Google Cloud demonstrates the potential of GenAI to revolutionize the retail industry by providing personalized experiences, improving efficiency, and driving business growth.