Sage, renowned for its SME-focused solutions, introduces Copilot, a GenAI assistant set to transform the landscape for SMEs and accountants.

By harnessing GenAI, Copilot redefines the management of accounting, finance, and HR tasks. It aims to streamline repetitive tasks and offer strategic recommendations for cost efficiency and business growth. This shift enables users to allocate more time to expand their businesses instead of managing daily operations.

The creation of Sage Copilot prioritizes accuracy, security, and incorporates expert insights. It stands out by automating workflows, pinpointing errors, and providing tailored actionable insights for businesses. With intuitive, natural language commands, it aids in forecasting, managing cash flow, and processing invoices. Its comprehensive encryption and strict access controls ensure adherence to privacy laws.

Sage Copilot excels in natural language comprehension and interaction, offering a customized user experience. It simplifies task management, boosts communication effectiveness, and delivers insightful analytics for strategic decisions. Its compatibility with applications like Microsoft Office streamlines workflows, facilitating tasks such as sending email invoices without interrupting the user’s focus.

Representing Sage’s commitment to leveraging GenAI to enhance business operations, Copilot is a crucial step towards reimagining the role of accounting as strategically vital. Scheduled for a UK release in the 2024 fiscal year, Sage Copilot marks a new era in SME productivity and operational efficiency, blending personalized advice, financial insights, and optimized processes.