Sam’s Club innovates with AI for quicker exits, bypassing manual receipt checks.

Sam’s Club, a Walmart subsidiary, is transforming the shopping experience by implementing GenAI technology to scan carts at exits. This new system, showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, aims to speed up the process, making shopping trips more efficient. Megan Crozier, Walmart’s executive vice president, highlighted the value of saving even a few seconds at the store exit.

Traditionally, bulk retailers like Costco and BJ’s Wholesale Club require staff to verify customer receipts, a practice not without controversy. Issues of racial bias have arisen, particularly when enforcement is inconsistent. Lowe’s, for instance, suspended receipt checking in 2018 following accusations of racial profiling.

The frustration for shoppers is evident, often facing two lines: one for checkout and another for exit verification. Sam’s Club’s solution involves a portal equipped with “computer vision and digital technology,” offering a seamless exit without human interaction. This GenAI approach, currently in 10 locations, is set to expand across approximately 600 stores by year-end.