ServiceNow and NVIDIA have announced the launch of their telco GenAI solutions on the Now Platform, which will transform service management.

ServiceNow and NVIDIA have collaborated to launch new GenAI solutions specifically designed for the Telco industry to enhance service experiences. The debut solution, Now Assist for Telecommunications Service Management (TSM), utilizes NVIDIA’s AI to improve agent productivity, accelerate issue resolution, and enhance customer value. This solution addresses the industry’s need for cost reduction and new business opportunities.

According to IDC, 73% of telcos are prioritizing investments in AI/ML for operational support, which shows a significant move towards utilizing GenAI to improve productivity, customer satisfaction, and cost efficiency. Rohit Batra from ServiceNow and Chris Penrose from NVIDIA have emphasized the transformative potential and efficiency gains that GenAI offers to the telco industry. Their partnership is expected to act as a catalyst for industry-wide innovation.

Now Assist for TSM showcases advanced features powered by ServiceNow’s customized LLMs and NVIDIA’s AI tools, Triton Inference Server and NeMo. It focuses on customer care and service assurance. By automating summaries and recommendations for customer service agents and simplifying technical data interpretation for incident management, GenAI streamlines operations and enhances user experiences.

The collaboration is set to expand, developing more telco-specific GenAI applications, reflecting ServiceNow and NVIDIA’s commitment to driving the sector’s digital transformation. This partnership also emphasizes responsible and safe AI usage, ensuring that advancements benefit providers and customers responsibly.