Shell’s Head of AI, Amy Challen, shares how GenAI is redefining the company’s energy operations and research, at the Web Summit.

Amy Challen, Shell’s Head of AI, illuminated the Web Summit audience in Lisbon with insights into how GenAI is revolutionizing Shell’s energy business. Evolving from basic AI models, Shell now harnesses GenAI for intelligent data management and innovative R&D.

At the heart of Shell’s GenAI application is its versatility. Challen demonstrated how GenAI is employed across various functions, from streamlining HR and customer service tasks to enhancing the handling of extensive scientific data. This strategic use of GenAI transcends mere data organization; it’s about extracting value from years of accumulated data to foster new energy solutions and more effective asset management.

Challen also shed light on the challenges encountered, such as cybersecurity, bias, and data privacy. Addressing these, Shell employs a combination of human insight and AI oversight, ensuring a balanced and secure approach.

Finally, Challen emphasized Shell’s broader strategy, which includes cultivating talent and collaborating with partners like Microsoft and emerging startups. This strategy focuses on leveraging their own data and expertise to drive progress in the energy sector.