Sony Music debuts an innovative GenAI music project, inviting fans to remix tracks from Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour and The Orb.

Sony Music has introduced a cutting-edge GenAI music project featuring David Gilmour of Pink Floyd and electronic group The Orb. This project, termed “Metallic Spheres In Colour,” is a modern rework of their 2010 ambient album. Fans are encouraged to participate actively by remixing music and cover art using AI-powered tools through the website

The GenAI model driving this project is a bespoke creation, a collaboration between Sony Music Entertainment, Legacy Recordings, and Vermillio, a GenAI platform known for empowering creators while safeguarding their work. Vermillio’s co-founder, Dan Neely, emphasizes the platform’s unique capabilities in styling, tracking, and owning AI-generated digital creations, including audio remixes.

Dennis Kooker, President of Global Digital Business & US Sales at Sony Music, highlights the artist-driven nature of this initiative. The project aims to engage fans deeply by allowing them to alter the emotional tone and tempo of the music, resulting in personalized AI-generated tracks and album artwork.

Visitors to the website are guided through a series of prompts to customize their remixes. These remixes, along with their reimagined album covers, can be shared on social media, and there’s also the prospect of buying full-length remixes. Select fan remixes might feature in an upcoming music video, further amplifying fan engagement.

Looking forward, Kooker notes the potential of GenAI in music, foreseeing more artist collaborations. He emphasizes the control artists maintain over the creative process, ensuring the final output aligns with their vision. This project reflects a blend of artistry and technology, marking a significant step in the music industry’s evolution.