Spotify introduces an AI playlist feature, enabling premium users to craft playlists with text prompts for a more personalized music experience.

Spotify steps into the future of music curation with the launch of its AI playlist feature, allowing premium subscribers to create tailored playlists using simple text prompts. This innovation, currently in beta and available in select markets, including the UK and Australia, signifies Spotify’s commitment to leveraging GenAI to enhance user experience.

By inputting phrases like “songs to serenade my cat” or using emojis and movie character names, users can guide Spotify’s GenAI model to generate playlists that align with their specified mood, genre, or theme. This feature showcases Spotify’s AI capabilities and caters to its user base’s diverse and unique tastes.

In addition to AI playlists, Spotify has introduced an AI-powered DJ feature, blending music curation with spoken-word commentary for a custom listening experience. These advancements are part of Spotify’s broader strategy to prioritize personalization and user engagement, albeit exclusive to premium members.

As Spotify considers increasing subscription fees in certain markets, these AI-enhanced features underline the platform’s efforts to justify the premium pricing by offering a distinctly superior experience to the free tier. This move also reflects Spotify’s push towards converting more users to its premium service amidst tightening restrictions on the free tier.