SurveySparrow, the world’s first chat survey software, launches GenAI features to transform customer feedback analysis.

Experience management platform SurveySparrow, trusted by brands like Siemens and McDonald’s, introduces GenAI features to transform how businesses capture and analyze customer feedback. The platform’s new tools, ‘AI Wings’ and ‘CogniVue,’ streamline processes and provide actionable insights.

AI Wings automates the entire feedback collection process. It crafts survey questions, creates custom workflows, and manages customer tickets and reviews. With over 20 features, AI Wings simplifies feedback management, allowing businesses to enhance customer experiences effortlessly. The tool’s automation capabilities save time and ensure consistent, high-quality data collection.

CogniVue addresses the challenge of extracting insights from vast amounts of data. This tool converts unstructured text feedback into useful information, enabling businesses to understand customer sentiment and the main factors driving important metrics. CogniVue simplifies complex data analysis, offering industry-specific insights that empower analysts to make quicker, more accurate decisions.

Shihab Muhammed, SurveySparrow’s CEO, states, “Embracing generative AI allows us to turn data into dialogues and insights into actions. Our platform is now more intuitive, responsive, and, importantly, more personal. SurveySparrow’s GenAI advancements ensure businesses can stay ahead in the evolving CX landscape by truly understanding their customers and creating experiences that drive loyalty and growth.