True Fit uses GenAI to refine online shopping, minimizing sizing issues and reducing returns.

True Fit has introduced “Fit Hub,” leveraging GenAI to help online shoppers find perfectly fit clothes. This tool addresses a major issue in e-commerce: sizing inaccuracies, which cause a high return rate of 17.6%.

Fit Hub consolidates data from size charts, product descriptions, customer reviews, and sales/returns. This GenAI solution provides personalized size recommendations, enhancing shopper confidence and reducing return rates. For example, it can advise if a size 16 should size down or if a size 4 item is true to size.

Fit Hub employs various GenAI models like ChatGPT-4, GPT Vision, and Gemini 1.5 Pro Vision, enabling real-time analysis of text and images. This advancement allows True Fit to process data faster and more accurately than previous AI technologies, providing precise fit advice and reducing information overload for shoppers.

The tool enhances its recommendations by using True Fit’s “Fashion Genome,” a vast dataset of 82 million shoppers and 30,000 brands. Currently in beta with select brands, Fit Hub will soon be available to all True Fit’s partners. It promises to transform online shopping by ensuring better fit and fewer returns.