UC Irvine unveils ZotGPT Chat, a new GenAI platform prioritizing user privacy in academic AI applications.

University of California at Irvine steps forward with ZotGPT Chat, a custom GenAI platform designed to advance research and education while ensuring data privacy. This platform solves a major concern: the risk of data misuse by external parties. ZotGPT Chat is built to protect users’ personal and institutional data, setting it apart from other AI tools that lack similar protections.

ZotGPT Chat is easy to use, works on mobile devices, and supports voice chats. Future updates will add features like image creation and custom chatbots for more interactive experiences. These developments allow students and faculty to use AI more effectively in their studies and research.

Tom Andriola, the Vice Chancellor, highlighted ZotGPT’s focus on privacy and responsible use of AI. The platform also aims to make AI technology accessible to all students, ensuring everyone can benefit from GenAI advancements.

The introduction of ZotGPT Chat enables UC Irvine to lead in AI-powered research, allowing for detailed experiments in a wide range of fields. By offering a secure and powerful tool, the university makes it easier for researchers to explore AI’s potential without compromising data integrity. As more universities create their own AI tools, ZotGPT Chat shows the importance of personalized and secure AI solutions in education.