Unacast partners with Google Cloud, integrating Vertex AI into its location analytics platform for enhanced data insights.

Today marks a pivotal moment for Unacast as they announce their collaboration with Google Cloud, infusing Vertex AI’s capabilities into their location analytics. This strategic alliance leverages the strengths of both platforms, enhancing Unacast Insights with advanced AI features. Unacast’s gen AI chatbot, Una, is a key innovation from this partnership, offering users intuitive and efficient access to valuable location intelligence.

Unacast Insights simplifies the complexities of handling location data. It transforms cumbersome data processing into an effortless experience, providing instant visualizations and analytical insights. The platform, now augmented with Vertex AI, introduces users to a more accessible form of location intelligence. Features like contextual summaries and the Una chatbot, powered by proprietary data, make obtaining critical location insights a breeze for businesses.

Chief Product Officer of Unacast, Jonathon Schuster, emphasizes the transformational impact of this integration. The synthesis of Unacast’s data and Google Cloud’s AI prowess paves the way for deeper insights into human movement patterns. This understanding is crucial for various business decisions, from investment strategies to retail placements. Google Cloud’s partnership amplifies the reach and efficiency of these insights, making them more accessible.

Vertex AI, within this collaboration, serves as a bridge, marrying Unacast’s anonymized location data with a broader web knowledge base. This union enables instant summarization of visitation trends, all while prioritizing user privacy. Una, the chatbot, further simplifies location analysis, allowing users to interactively query and receive answers within the platform. This approach significantly reduces the time and effort typically needed for data analysis.

Google Cloud’s VP, Philip Moyer, highlights the broader implications of this partnership. It democratizes access to complex location data and gen AI technology, previously the domain of large-scale industry players. The collaboration breaks new ground, making these advanced tools accessible to a wider range of businesses.

To amplify the benefits of this partnership, Unacast engaged with SADA, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, for technical support. This collaboration has enabled the full potential of Google Cloud to be harnessed, seamlessly integrating with Unacast’s superior location data. The resultant Una chatbot exemplifies the remarkable capabilities of gen AI in summarizing structured data with precision.