Ever imagined talking to your marketing data? Viant’s latest AI tool makes it possible, transforming how advertisers interact with insights.

Viant Technology has unveiled a groundbreaking tool named Chat with Data, enhancing its data platform. This innovation allows marketers to interact with their data by asking questions, streamlining the analysis process without the need for specialized skills in data science or SQL.

Chat with Data is integrated into the Viant Data Platform, which amalgamates Viant’s exclusive data with advertiser data in a privacy-compliant manner. This vast pool of data, encompassing marketing, measurement, and first-party information, is what fuels the tool’s ability to provide quick and relevant insights to marketers’ queries.

Given the constraints on marketers’ time, regardless of the company size, Viant’s solution is tailored to simplify data analysis and activation for advertisers. By enabling natural language communication with the tool, Viant aims to democratize access to complex data insights, leveraging unspecified commercial and open-source large language models (LLMs) for the underlying technology.

The Chat with Data tool is designed to be interactive, offering suggestions and insights based on the user’s inquiries. For example, an advertiser querying about underperforming customer segments would receive detailed analyses, potentially uncovering shifts in target demographics and enabling more effective campaign adjustments.

Beta testing by entities like ESB Advertising indicates a positive reception, highlighting the tool’s potential to fulfill the growing demand for data-driven insights in marketing strategies. This move by Viant not only exemplifies the practical application of generative AI in enhancing business intelligence but also underscores the evolving expectations in the advertiser-agency relationship.