Waymark uses GPT-3 to create customized, compelling scripts, changing the way online video ads are done.

Waymark is making waves in the TV and digital ad creation scene by teaming up with GPT-3 for video scripting. This move aims to tackle a common challenge in the industry: crafting engaging, relevant video scripts that resonate with viewers.

Originally, Waymark’s platform made creating commercials simpler, offering high-quality outputs with minimal fuss. But users often hit a snag – the scripts provided were too generic, leading to lots of rework or even abandonment. Alex Persky-Stern, Waymark’s CEO, sees the value in this new feature, noting, “Especially for companies that work with lots of local businesses, this is a dramatic time and cost-saving enhancement that allows them to pitch, sell, and support more local advertisers.”

Bringing GPT-3 into the mix has shifted Waymark from a do-it-yourself model to a done-for-you approach. This GenAI-powered tool not only generates scripts but tailors them precisely to each business, saving time and ensuring accuracy. Nathan Labenz, Waymark’s founder, applauds GPT-3’s knack for turning a business’s online presence into compelling marketing scripts, something previous AI tools struggled with.

With GenAI in play, users spend less time refining scripts, streamlining the video commercial creation process. Waymark, with GPT-3, is pioneering the use of natural language for video creation, changing the game in the ad world.