Zalando is changing online fashion shopping with its new GenAI assistant, making personal style guidance easily accessible.

Zalando, Europe’s top fashion e-commerce platform, has unveiled its latest tool: a ChatGPT-powered fashion assistant. This new feature is set to simplify how customers browse Zalando’s vast fashion collection.

By using OpenAI’s ChatGPT, this assistant lets customers explore Zalando’s range using natural language. With so many choices, finding the perfect item can be tricky, but the GenAI assistant responds to fashion questions with personalized recommendations. For instance, when a customer asks, “What should I wear for a wedding in Santorini in July?”, Zalando’s fashion assistant can understand it is a formal event. It also considers the weather conditions in Santorini in July and provides personalized clothing recommendations based on this context.

The beta version, launching in Spring, will initially support English and German and be available in Germany, Ireland, the UK, and Austria. This rollout is a significant step towards a more intuitive shopping journey.

Zalando’s fashion assistant reflects the company’s dedication to innovation, privacy, and AI safety. As they continue developing this technology, future improvements may include personalized outfit suggestions and beauty tips.