Zhejiang University’s Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital debuts its AI Doctor Assistant, transforming patient care.

Zhejiang University’s Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital recently unveiled its GenAI-First approach with the AI Doctor Assistant, marking a significant leap in healthcare service operations. This custom-built system, part of the “Shao Yi Smart Clinic” WeChat mini-program, is reshaping how patients and doctors interact.

The AI Doctor Assistant is adept at conducting voice-based patient interviews. It meticulously gathers crucial details from symptoms to lifestyle choices, a step forward in creating comprehensive pre-consultation records. This tech marvel rests on six pillars: high-end computing, specialized medical language models, intelligent voice recognition, data relevance filtering, AIGC-formatted record creation, and advanced image recognition.

One standout feature is the system’s ability to import patient histories efficiently. This facet not only conserves consultation time but also enriches doctor-patient dialogues. Dr. Ding Yong, outpatient director, highlighted how the AI mimics clinical reasoning, thus reducing the doctors’ burden and elevating patient care quality.

Beyond enhancing current consultation practices, the AI Doctor Assistant is gearing up to span various medical scenarios. This expansion reflects a growing trend; the AI consultation market, as of 2023, boasted a value exceeding 10 billion yuan.