Schneider Electric, renowned for energy management and automation, leverages GenAI via Microsoft Azure OpenAI, innovating internal operations and customer empowerment.

Schneider Electric, a pioneer in digital energy management, is harnessing the power of Generative AI (GenAI) to redefine its operations. By integrating Microsoft Azure OpenAI, the company enhances its internal processes and customer service, focusing on efficiency and productivity.

Key to this transformation is the Resource Advisor Copilot, crafted using Large Language Model technology. This digital companion within Resource Advisor offers advanced data analysis, decision support, and performance optimization. It processes complex industry knowledge and system data effortlessly, demonstrating GenAI’s versatility.

In its quest for innovation, Schneider Electric also employs Jo-Chat GPT, an internal chatbot, and the Finance Advisor for informed decision-making. These tools exemplify GenAI’s role in streamlining operations and improving customer interactions.

The company’s customer care representatives benefit from the Knowledge Bot, while conversational search allows customers to interact with product searches naturally. Schneider Electric’s future plans include integrating GitHub Copilot and Sales Copilot, further enhancing its creative processes and employee capabilities.

Philippe Rambach, Chief AI Officer, underscores GenAI’s transformative role, aligning with Schneider Electric’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. The company’s journey with AI, starting with the 2021 launch of its AI hub, has evolved to include a dedicated GenAI team. This team collaborates with stakeholders to identify and leverage early application opportunities.

Microsoft’s Dominik Wee applauds the partnership, noting Azure OpenAI’s role in fostering agile, scalable solutions. This collaboration aligns with both companies’ vision for a sustainable, digitized future, offering cloud-based and IoT solutions to bridge the sustainability gap.