Urumqi Power’s AI Assistant is transforming their electrical grid operations, ensuring dependable service and proactive issue resolution.

Urumqi Power Company has taken a significant leap in operational efficiency by introducing a custom-built AI Assistant into their service operations. This GenAI approach, a retrofit to their existing systems, specifically addresses the challenges of power grid management in the Utilities & Energy industry.

The AI Assistant excels in real-time data analysis, offering a substantial upgrade from the previous manual methods. It swiftly identifies potential issues like the low-voltage mainline fault that affected 115 households. By alerting the team instantly, the AI enables prompt action, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction.

A key feature of this tool is its ability to analyze maintenance plans and fault information over extended periods. It juxtaposes this data against historical customer service records, pinpointing frequent fault zones and sensitive customer areas. This insight is crucial for Urumqi Power in proactively managing its grid. It guides the maintenance team in planning and executing targeted schedules, thus reducing downtime and enhancing service quality.

Moreover, the AI Assistant’s deep dive into fault and maintenance data furnishes Urumqi Power with actionable insights. This assists in making informed decisions for maintenance and customer service tailored to specific needs. The result is a more reliable power supply and heightened customer trust.

Looking ahead, Urumqi Power plans to expand its use of GenAI. They aim to integrate digital technology further into various operational aspects like power quality monitoring and sensitive business analytics. This commitment to digital transformation promises to elevate their service capabilities to new heights.