E.ON launches its own GenAI, “E.ON GPT,” enhancing energy transition efforts with innovative digital assistance.

E.ON has introduced a unique digital team member, “E.ON GPT,” an AI powered by GPT-3.5 technology, to assist in the energy transition. All 74,000 employees can now access the AI’s energy-specific knowledge within a secure environment, adhering to strict company guidelines for privacy, IT, and cybersecurity. E.ON GPT’s roles include research assistance, text processing, and serving as a virtual sparring partner in energy economics.

Victoria Ossadnik, E.ON’s board member for Digitalization and Innovation, emphasizes the transformative impact of GenAI. She highlights the technology’s potential in solving complex challenges in the energy sector, especially for tasks related to the energy transition. E.ON’s tailored GenAI solution aims to foster extensive interaction, learning, and problem-solving among employees in a secure data space.

EON GPT interface on a laptop

E.ON GPT, acting as a virtual advisor, offers energy-economic solutions and continuously learns, maintaining high-quality responses. Its knowledge encompasses renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and sustainable practices, contributing to increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and strengthened collaboration within the company.

Developed by a team of Data Engineers and Scientists, E.ON GPT operates on a cloud-based platform. To maximize its utility, E.ON has initiated training programs, including a video series with tips from internal AI experts and interactive Q&A sessions for hands-on support.