Schneider Electric’s new GenAI strategy with Microsoft Azure OpenAI boosts efficiency and green practices.

Schneider Electric, an energy management and automation leader, is stepping into the GenAI realm with a partnership with Microsoft. The integration of Azure OpenAI is reshaping how Schneider Electric conducts its business operations and aids its customers. This initiative aims at streamlining tasks, optimizing resources, and improving speed and efficiency.

A standout initiative is the Resource Advisor Copilot, utilizing Microsoft Azure OpenAI’s technology for enhanced data analysis and decision support. Internally, tools like Jo-Chat GPT and Finance Advisor contribute to significant cost savings and better decision-making in finance.

GenAI also plays a crucial role in customer support at Schneider Electric. Tools like the Knowledge Bot assist customer service teams in providing accurate information, while conversational search features improve product discovery for customers. Future initiatives include the integration of Github Copilot and Sales Copilot to support proposal processes and frontline staff further.

These GenAI initiatives align with Schneider Electric’s focus on technological advancement, efficiency, and sustainable growth. The company’s AI Hub, established in 2021, is instrumental in identifying and deploying over 200 potential GenAI applications across various functions​.