Accor partners with Accenture to overhaul its marketing content production, enhancing digital outreach and guest experience.

Accor, a global hospitality leader, has embarked on a transformative journey with Accenture, aiming to redefine its marketing content creation. This collaboration, leveraging Accenture Song’s expertise, marks a significant shift towards personalized, data-driven marketing strategies.

Accenture Song, known for its tech-enabled creative solutions, has unveiled the “Content Atelier.” This novel concept represents a data-driven content supply chain, tailored to craft marketing messages that resonate deeply with guests. It’s designed to streamline content creation across digital and physical platforms, from inception to performance analysis.

This shift isn’t merely about content creation; it’s a strategic move in response to changing guest expectations and economic landscapes. By integrating generative AI and Accenture’s SynOps platform, Accor aims to amplify its digital presence, driving more traffic to its branded websites and delivering standout customer experiences. This approach aligns with Accor’s commitment to adapt and thrive in the dynamic hospitality landscape.

Stéphanie Jaffré, Accor’s SVP of Digital Marketing, highlights the importance of this strategy in connecting with guests across various digital channels. Martial Viudes of Accenture Song echoes this sentiment, expressing pride in aiding Accor’s quest for efficient, locally relevant, and personalized guest experiences.