Qatar Airways has introduced a virtual assistant named Sama 2.0 to serve as a “digital human cabin crew” at airports and onboard flights.

Sama 2.0, showcased at the ITB Berlin trade show, responds to customer inquiries through a kiosk-like screen or via mobile devices, offering a novel GenAI-powered customer service experience in the aviation industry.

Developed by UneeQ and integrated into Qatar Airways‘ platforms, including the Qverse metaverse and the Qatar app, Sama 2.0 aims to combine technological innovation with a personal touch. This digital assistant is designed to offer personalized travel assistance by learning from customer interactions, ensuring each experience is tailored to the individual’s needs.

Sama, which translates to “sky” in Arabic, can guide passengers through airport layouts with 3D maps and provide instant answers to questions about baggage, check-in processes, and more. Currently available in English, there are plans to expand Sama’s language capabilities to include Arabic and other languages.

The introduction of Sama 2.0 represents Qatar Airways’ commitment to blending technology with human-centric service, aiming to enhance the travel experience through accessible, friendly interactions.