Wanda Group’s introduction of Xiao Dan, China’s first digital AI tour guide, marks a milestone in the application of GenAI in tourism.

Recently, Wanda Group unveiled Xiao Dan, a first-of-its-kind digital AI guide in China, developed for Danzhai Wanda Town. Unlike traditional guides, Xiao Dan provides a unique, interactive experience with its advanced language models, offering tailored travel services and round-the-clock guidance.

Since its launch on June 5th, Xiao Dan has rapidly gained popularity, attracting over 280,000 users across multiple provinces in just 48 hours. This impressive uptake underscores the growing appeal of GenAI-driven innovations in enhancing travel experiences.

Xiao Dan offers more than just navigational assistance. It engages users with its ability to tell jokes and solve brain teasers, adding an entertaining dimension to the travel experience. This feature not only showcases the guide’s broad knowledge base but also its capacity for dynamic interaction.

Xiao Dan’s nuanced approach to problem-solving and its principled responses in interactions, such as tactfully refraining from sports predictions, highlight its emotional intelligence. This venture by Wanda Group demonstrates GenAI’s potential to enrich customer experiences and establishes new benchmarks for AI integration in the tourism industry.