Adobe launches Acrobat AI Assistant to boost enterprise document efficiency.

Adobe has rolled out the Acrobat AI Assistant for enterprise users. This tool, available as an add-on for Adobe Reader and Acrobat, integrates seamlessly with existing workflows. It uses a GenAI-powered engine that can be set up quickly to improve document handling efficiency.

The AI Assistant boosts productivity by helping users quickly generate insights, create content, and verify information with intelligent citations. Adobe ensures that all features follow strict data security protocols, so customer document content remains secure and isn’t used to train the AI models.

This tool simplifies the way employees work with documents. It can ask and answer questions about the content, making it easier for users to understand complex information quickly. The AI also provides summaries of long documents, helping users grasp key points without reading everything.

Additionally, the AI Assistant helps find information faster with clickable links and formats important takeaways for emails, presentations, and reports. Adobe’s new Acrobat AI Assistant is now available in English, with more languages planned for the future, marking a significant step in using AI to enhance productivity in document management.