Adobe previews new AI-driven video and audio enhancements in Premiere Pro, promising streamlined workflows and expanded creative possibilities for creators. 

Adobe has introduced a suite of GenAI tools within Adobe Premiere Pro, aimed at dramatically improving the efficiency and creativity of video production processes. The new features, set to roll out later this year, include advanced capabilities for adding or removing objects in scenes, extending shots, and generating new video content directly within the app. Adobe’s Firefly video model powers these innovations and integrates third-party AI models from OpenAI, Pika Labs, and Runway, enhancing the flexibility of Premiere Pro for professional editors.

The introduction of these AI tools is designed to simplify complex editing tasks, allowing creators to focus more on their artistic vision. For instance, the Generative Extend feature can automatically add frames to clips, facilitating smoother transitions and timing adjustments. The Object Addition & Removal tool enables precise manipulation of video elements, enhancing the visual narrative without the need for extensive reshoots.

Additionally, Adobe has made its AI-powered audio workflows generally available within Premiere Pro, offering features like interactive fade handles, effect badges, and enhanced speech tools that streamline audio editing and improve sound quality.

These advancements underscore Adobe’s commitment to integrating AI into creative workflows, providing tools that inspire creativity and increase productivity. By incorporating various GenAI models and focusing on responsible innovation, Adobe is setting a new standard for what professional video editing software can achieve.