Lüm Mobile adopts Alepo’s TelcoBot.ai, enhancing customer service with generative AI.

Lüm Mobile, SaskTel’s digitally innovative mobile brand, has made significant strides in customer service by introducing Lümbot, an AI-powered virtual agent from Alepo. This launch signifies a shift towards an all-digital customer support experience, leveraging the latest advancements in generative AI.

Replacing traditional chatbots, Lümbot offers a more human-like chat experience. Developed with Large Language Model (LLM) technology, it understands nuanced subscriber interactions, achieving a high task completion rate and reducing escalations to human agents. Since its soft launch last year, Lümbot has demonstrated its effectiveness in delivering seamless customer support.

Lümbot is adept at handling a wide range of inputs and maintaining context in conversations. Its ability to adapt personas in real-time based on session context ensures a personalized experience for each user. By continually learning from interactions, Lümbot becomes more proficient over time, integrating seamlessly with backend IT systems to fulfill customer tasks efficiently.

Charlene Gavel, SaskTel President and CEO, acknowledges Lümbot as a major advancement in their digital journey. Similarly, Sunil Diaz, CEO of Alepo, highlights the partnership’s role in enhancing Lüm Mobile’s digital brand and managing customer acquisition costs effectively.

Generative AI, despite its potential, has faced adoption challenges in customer service due to accuracy concerns. Alepo’s TelcoBot.ai addresses these issues through vertical fine-tuning and prompt engineering, reducing error rates and increasing task completion rates.

Alepo’s TelcoBot.ai represents a shift in digital customer engagement, capable of switching between customer service and sales personas. It’s set to redefine the standards for digital interaction, moving beyond the limitations of traditional chatbots and IVRs.

Lüm Mobile’s adoption of Lümbot, powered by Alepo’s TelcoBot.ai, marks a new era in digital customer service. By delivering an enhanced, frustration-free chat experience, Lümbot is expected to drive higher wireless subscriber rates and boost overall customer satisfaction.