Forbes rolls out Adelaide, a GenAI search tool, paving new paths in content discovery with Google Cloud.

Forbes just launched Adelaide, an exciting new search tool powered by Google Cloud’s Generative AI. This tool offers AI-driven, personalized insights and recommendations from Forbes’ vast journalism archives.

Adelaide, named after the Forbes founder’s wife, is a standout for its user-friendly, search-based interface. It’s tailor-made by Forbes’ tech team, blending seamlessly into the user experience. This launch is a big step in Forbes’ digital journey, adding to its innovative streak in the media world.

Forbes’ history with AI goes back to 2019, with Bertie, their AI tool for journalists. Adelaide takes this further, set to reach all 150 million Forbes readers. It uses Google Cloud Vertex AI for smart, adaptive recommendations, enhancing how users interact with content.

Since partnering with Google Cloud in 2018, Forbes has been at the forefront of using AI in media. Adelaide is their latest move, making content discovery smarter and more personal. Forbes’ future plans? To make Adelaide even better, aiming for more engaging, personalized user interactions.