Amazon has launched a new GenAI feature that enables sellers to create product listings directly from their websites.

Amazon is set to transform the e-commerce landscape for sellers with its latest GenAI feature, designed to streamline the creation of product listings directly from sellers’ direct-to-consumer websites. By providing their website URL to Amazon, sellers can now create full product listings for the Amazon store, representing a significant improvement in efficiency and user engagement.

The initiative, aimed at U.S. sellers, promises to heavily reduce the time and effort required to develop appealing product listings on Amazon’s platform. Alongside previous GenAI-powered tools that create listings from minimal text or images, this new feature underscores Amazon’s commitment to leveraging GenAI to enhance its platform’s selling and shopping experience.

The impact of these GenAI features is already evident, with over 100,000 sellers utilizing them since their launch. Remarkably, nearly 80% of GenAI-generated listings have been quickly approved by sellers with little to no modifications required. This technology has streamlined the listing process and improved product page search results, demonstrating a tangible benefit to Amazon’s selling partners.

As Amazon continues to explore and invest in GenAI technologies, its focus remains on supporting small businesses and improving the overall e-commerce ecosystem. This development is part of a broader trend in the retail sector, with companies like eBay and Google experimenting with AI to facilitate and enrich the seller and customer experience.