Starburst unveils its vibrant new GenAI campaign—inspired by over 479 million ways to enjoy a 12-pack, highlighting endless possibilities.

Starburst, a popular fruit-flavored candy, has launched ‘Different Every Time,’ a campaign crafted by Team OMC (DDB and Critical Mass) that employs GenAI to create varied advertising content. This approach allows every encounter with the campaign to feel unique, featuring a mix of world scenes and styles to capture the essence of Starburst’s variety.

Using GenAI addresses the challenge of producing a large volume of diverse content without sacrificing quality or relevance. The technology has enabled the creation of over 300 unique assets that are distributed across television, online platforms, and social media. This variety ensures that the audience experiences something new with each exposure, maintaining engagement and interest.

Interactive elements are also part of the campaign, including an AR lens on Snapchat and a personalized music adventure on Spotify, set to launch on May 13. These tools align with the flavors of Starburst and allow consumers to interact with the brand in a way that feels personal and exciting, reflecting the candy’s varied flavor combinations.

The introduction of GenAI has allowed Starburst to move away from the predictability of algorithm-driven content, presenting a campaign that embodies the product’s promise of endless variety and fun. This strategy is particularly appealing to Gen Z consumers, who value innovation and personalization in their digital experiences.