Amazon partners with Nvidia to introduce a GenAI tool to enhance third-party seller listings.

Amazon is broadening its use of GenAI for third-party sellers in partnership with Nvidia. This new GenAI tool optimizes product listings by automatically generating improved content. Sellers can then review and approve these AI-driven enhancements on Amazon’s platform for their listings.

The tool upgrades various aspects of seller listings, including titles, bullet points, and descriptions. It utilizes Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) with Nvidia’s Tensor Core GPUs and is designed for efficient performance. Notably, it employs Nvidia TensorRT-LLM open-source software on Tensor GPUs. LLMs, known for their extensive data training, can generate comprehensive product descriptions and other content.

Amazon reports significant improvements with this GenAI integration. TensorRT-LLM and Nvidia GPUs have doubled the tool’s inference efficiency and tripled its inference latency compared to previous implementations. These gains enhance environmental friendliness and make the Amazon Catalog’s generative capabilities more responsive.

For instance, the tool can enrich a listing for a wireless mouse with detailed attributes such as ergonomic design, battery life, and compatibility features. Additionally, it can automatically generate product attributes like color and size.

Fred Oh, TensorRT software developer marketing lead, emphasizes the benefits for sellers, including creating more engaging listings efficiently and reaching customers more effectively. This GenAI initiative is part of Amazon’s ongoing efforts to provide advanced AI tools to sellers, simplifying and enhancing the listing process.