Ankura Unveils groundbreaking GenAI, forecasts major cost savings.

Ankura Consulting’s partnership with OpenAI introduces NoraGPT, a GenAI innovation set to transform the advisory and forensic accounting landscape. This strategic move not only underscores Ankura’s commitment to leading-edge technology but also promises substantial operational efficiencies and a 25% reduction in internal costs.

Deployed within a highly secure environment, NoraGPT is designed to safeguard client and staff data meticulously. Its advanced, human-like capabilities include long-term memory functions, aligning seamlessly with Ankura’s AI solutions to enhance file management and operational workflows.

CEO Kevin Lavin envisions NoraGPT’s integration across all business functions, from augmenting fraud detection mechanisms to streamlining client onboarding processes. This comprehensive application of GenAI is expected to significantly boost revenue while simultaneously driving down costs, primarily through the reduction of subcontractor dependencies and a slowdown in hiring rates.

With a global presence spanning 55 countries and a workforce of over 2,000 serving 3,000 clients, Ankura’s adoption of NoraGPT represents a pivotal shift towards leveraging GenAI for enhanced efficiency, security, and cost management. This strategic implementation positions Ankura at the forefront of innovation in the advisory sector, setting a benchmark for the industry.