Asia Innovations Group (ASIG) and AI3 Labs have teamed up to introduce the world’s first live-streaming interactive NFTs powered by GenAI.

This venture aims to weave AI3 Labs’ AI NFT offerings into Asia Innovations Group‘s extensive network of social entertainment applications, spanning over 700 million global users. With the technological support of Caliber Venture Builder, this initiative promises to bring a fresh dynamic to Web3 engagement, offering features that boost user interaction significantly.

The platform utilizes Caliber’s advanced roll-up technology to ensure scalability, offering a seamless Web2-style experience with no transaction fees and integrated wallet solutions. Capable of handling 5,000 transactions per second, with goals to reach over 100,000 TPS by 2025, Caliber’s tech is designed to draw the next billion users to Web3 by ensuring swift, cost-effective interactions. Dr. Luu from Caliber emphasizes the critical role of this efficiency in enabling creators to take full ownership and monetize their digital content.

At the heart of AI3 Labs’ mission is the democratization of AI’s economic benefits, ensuring creators on the blockchain receive equitable compensation. This initial platform launch is merely the beginning, with ambitions to shift towards AI3’s Layer 3 hyperchain technology in the future. This move aims to redefine standards for Web3 applications, focusing on superior accessibility, operational efficiency, and overall user experience.