Bag2Bag introduces “Bano,” India’s first GenAI in online hotel booking, offering a bespoke, efficient booking experience.

Bag2Bag Hotels and Homes has introduced Bano, a new GenAI tool, to its online hotel booking service. This initiative positions Bag2Bag as an early adopter of such technology in the hospitality sector, with the goal of improving customer service and creating more personalized booking experiences.

Bano is designed to personalize the booking process by offering recommendations based on individual user preferences, including budget, location, and specific amenities. This aligns with Bag2Bag’s commitment to providing customer-centric accommodation solutions.

Alok Mishra, the CEO, and Gaurav, the CTO, note that Bano is built to adapt and enhance its performance over time. Utilizing user data and feedback, Bano aims to provide tailored travel and activity suggestions, thereby improving the overall travel experience for both locals and visitors.

The launch of Bano represents Bag2Bag’s strategy to simplify and enhance access to its diverse hotel and home offerings in a fragmented online hospitality market. Despite facing initial resource challenges, Bag2Bag plans to expand the capabilities of Bano, aspiring to cover a broad spectrum of travel and accommodation services.