Bayer is testing a GenAI tool to aid farmers and improve agronomist efficiency.

The tool, built on proprietary agronomic data, combines years of Bayer’s research, trial data, and global agronomist expertise into an LLM. This expert system swiftly provides accurate answers to agronomy, farm management, and product queries, outperforming standard agricultural LLMs.

In the U.S., the GenAI system has already shown its capability to deliver specific agricultural information quickly, streamlining the process for agronomists and farmers. This method significantly improves over traditional, slower ways of obtaining agricultural advice, offering quicker access to crucial information.

Amanda McClerren, Bayer’s CIO, emphasizes the GenAI system’s potential to support global agriculture, mentioning its contribution to both product development and the broader agricultural community. In collaboration with Microsoft and EY, the project aims to integrate this GenAI tool within Bayer’s digital services, intending to assist millions of farmers by making expert advice more accessible.

Bayer plans to expand the GenAI system’s pilot to include more agronomists and farmers, with plans to develop another prototype for direct queries on farm-specific data. This initiative stands to provide more tailored and impactful insights for the agricultural sector by utilizing both proprietary and closed data sets, offering a distinct advantage over generic LLMs that rely solely on open-source data.