Banque Internationale à Luxembourg transforms core banking with Temenos GenAI, enhancing efficiency and customer interactions.

Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL) has adopted Temenos’s GenAI solutions, modernizing its core banking operations by replacing an outdated legacy system. This transition was accomplished smoothly over one weekend through a collaborative effort with Temenos and LTIMindtree.

Temenos GenAI solutions are integrated into core banking and financial crime mitigation at BIL. In core banking, GenAI optimizes workflows, improving daily tasks and streamlining product creation and account management. This upgrade significantly increases the bank’s operational productivity and the quality of customer service. For financial crime mitigation, Temenos GenAI extracts actionable intelligence from data, notably enhancing Straight Through Processing (STP) efficiencies.

The rapid integration of Temenos GenAI into BIL’s banking operations demonstrates the platform’s adaptability and compatibility with existing systems, ensuring minimal disruption during technological upgrades. As a result, BIL benefits from quicker, more accurate transaction processing and an overall boost in digital service delivery.

BIL’s implementation of Temenos GenAI solutions is a strategic move to stay ahead in the competitive financial market. The technology improves internal efficiencies and scales up BIL’s ability to handle complex multi-currency transactions daily.