Harnessing three decades of benchmark data and best practices, UKG’s GenAI offers tailored insights and strategic recommendations.

UKG, a pioneer in human resources and workforce management solutions, has recently announced the integration of its GenAI models with Great Place To Work’s comprehensive benchmarks and best practices. This collaboration aims to reshape the HR landscape by providing proactive, strategically crafted insights and recommendations for HR leaders and managers.

The UKG Great Place To Work Hub, powered by GenAI, utilizes three decades of proprietary research and strategies from Great Place To Work®. This integration enables the platform to offer tailored suggestions and vital data points. These insights help organizations assess their current cultural status and expedite progress in fostering equity and opportunity.

Michael Rochelle, chief strategy officer at Brandon Hall Group, notes the critical role of unique and proprietary data in GenAI advancements within the HCM sector. UKG’s exclusive access to extensive Great Place To Work research is a strategic move, particularly following its 2021 acquisition of the organization.

The Great Place To Work Hub not only provides AI-driven recommendations but also encourages HR leaders and managers to adopt specific actions, behaviors, and best practices aligned with the Great Place To Work “For All” leadership model. Hugo Sarrazin, UKG’s chief product and technology officer, emphasizes the union of insights and technology in crafting inclusive, high-performing workplaces.

Scheduled for release in 2024 for UKG Ready HCM suite customers, the Great Place To Work Hub is poised to be a groundbreaking solution in the industry. It offers key insights into engagement, belonging, and performance drivers, aiding leaders in making informed decisions to enhance business growth.

Brian K. Reaves, chief belonging, equity, and impact officer at UKG, highlights the significance of equity of opportunity in achieving better business outcomes. The Great Place To Work Hub is a step towards helping HR leaders recognize the value in diversity and individual differences.

The debut of the Great Place To Work Hub, featuring GenAI enhancements built on UKG FleX technology, will occur at the HR Technology Conference and Expo. Additionally, it will be showcased at UKG Aspire in Las Vegas.