Hanzo’s new Spotlight AI makes GenAI affordable for legal teams, transforming data discovery.

Legal tech firm Hanzo has launched Spotlight AI, making GenAI practical for legal teams by significantly reducing costs. This innovation allows legal professionals to leverage GenAI for efficient data discovery, which was previously cost-prohibitive.

Traditionally, high GenAI costs have hindered its adoption in legal fields due to the extensive computational resources required for processing large amounts of unstructured data. Hanzo addresses this using smaller language models on private cloud instances, ensuring performance and cost-effectiveness. This tailored approach avoids the expense of large models like ChatGPT, making GenAI more accessible.

Hanzo’s GB-based pricing model also offers a transparent and affordable alternative to the common token-based charges, which are impractical for large-scale legal data discovery. By charging per GB, Hanzo reduces costs by up to 20 times, making the technology more feasible for legal teams.

Spotlight AI also features efficient model management, operating only when needed and powering down otherwise. This ensures that legal teams only pay for actual usage, aligning costs with the value derived from the AI. Spotlight AI helps legal teams reduce data discovery time by 90%, providing a practical solution for eDiscovery at a cost as low as $99 per GB.