Blue Focus introduces a GenAI marketing transformation, presenting strategies at the 2023 Marketing Science Conference in Shanghai.

At the 2023 Marketing Science Conference in Shanghai, Blue Focus CEO Pan Fei took the stage to shed light on a new era in marketing, all thanks to GenAI. In his keynote, titled “The Era of Generative Marketing,” he emphasized how GenAI is changing marketing and making businesses more efficient.

Pan Fei’s insights come from Blue Focus’s launch of the AI² strategy earlier this year. This strategy made them one of the first in China to go all-in on AI for marketing. He shared three key lessons from their year-long journey with GenAI:

New Mindset: In the GenAI era, marketing companies can compete with high-tech and internet giants by focusing on practical AI-based approaches, leaving behind traditional ways of thinking.

Immersion in AI: To use GenAI effectively, you need to get hands-on experience with it every day. This helps business leaders make informed decisions.

AI-Driven Solutions: The real power of generative AI comes from developing high-quality models. Pan Fei stressed the need for fair evaluation and improvements in these models to unleash their full potential.

Pan also talked about how GenAI is changing content creation, making it more efficient and breaking the limits of digital marketing. He gave examples of how Blue Focus worked with clients like and Lenovo to create AI-generated content. Their research also shows that GenAI has increased productivity by up to 35%.

Looking ahead, Pan Fei expects AI marketing to become mainstream in the next 3-5 years. He envisions a future where digital and AI marketing work hand in hand, eventually leading to AI dominating marketing strategies. He stressed that organizations need to understand and embrace GenAI at all levels to make the most of its potential.