Brightcove integrates Amazon Q to improve its customer support, enhancing efficiency and service quality in the streaming sector. 

Brightcove, a leader in streaming technology, has embraced Amazon Q Business from AWS to transform its customer service operations. This GenAI assistant utilizes Brightcove’s documentation and notes to address real-world challenges in media tech support. Named ‘Brightcove Expert Bot,’ this AI chatbot integrates into internal systems, transforming how support teams interact with information and resolve customer issues.

The implementation of Amazon Q is a key part of Brightcove’s strategy to simplify support processes and improve employee productivity. The GenAI tool enables faster response times and more precise information retrieval, crucial in technical support scenarios. By summarizing and analyzing support tickets, the bot recommends optimal solutions, significantly improving service quality.

Deb Richards, EVP of Global Customer Success, highlighted the profound impact of GenAI, noting its role in maintaining the company’s award-winning service standards. The automation and insights provided by the AI chatbot free up staff to focus on higher-value interactions with customers. Chief Product Officer, Scott Levine, sees GenAI as transformative, not just for internal operations but across customer-facing functions.

With AWS’s support, Brightcove continues to fine-tune this technology, ensuring robust security measures and seamless functionality. This strategic partnership underscores a mutual dedication to leveraging GenAI for enhanced business operations and customer engagement.