Discover how NTT Data leverages Microsoft’s Co-Pilot in their AI-driven business strategies.

NTT Data, a global IT and business services provider, is harnessing the power of Microsoft’s generative AI solution, Co-Pilot, to enhance their operational efficiency and collaborative processes. This adoption reflects the growing enterprise inclination towards GenAI tools for not just efficiency but also as a strategic competitive edge.

Wendy Collins, NTT Data’s Chief AI Officer, highlighted the role of Co-Pilot in fostering collaboration and improving efficiency across various business units. She noted that while many companies are rapidly deploying GenAI solutions like Co-Pilot, the most forward-thinking ones are using these tools to deepen their competitive advantage and protect their market position.

One emerging trend in the adoption of GenAI tools like Co-Pilot is the focus on reducing workforce anxiety. Contrary to fears of AI replacing humans, tools like Co-Pilot reinforce the value of human-machine interaction. This is a crucial aspect of GenAI’s role in the modern workplace.

Another key trend is the integration of Co-Pilot with traditional AI solutions. This dual approach helps companies leverage their existing AI investments while exploring new avenues for innovation and operational improvement with GenAI.

Lastly, the importance of data integrity and trust is emphasized. As companies rush to implement GenAI solutions, ensuring the quality and reliability of their data is fundamental. GenAI tools are only as effective as the data they are based on, making it essential for companies to get their data in order.