Ali Cloud’s GenAI assistant, “TONGYI Lingma,” elevates coding practices, offering a leap in developer efficiency.

Ali Cloud has introduced TONGYI Lingma, a GenAI programming assistant, marking a significant advancement in coding efficiency. Recognized as the first AI tool to join the tech workforce with its employee number, AI001, this initiative paves the way for a new coding era. TONGYI Lingma enhances how programmers write, debug, and optimize code, using GenAI to merge technology with creative processes.

Capable of supporting over 200 programming languages, including Java and Python, TONGYI Lingma quickly became the go-to AI programming tool in China. Its ability to streamline programming tasks illustrates the potential of GenAI to boost productivity significantly. Automating repetitive coding tasks, such as API development testing, TONGYI Lingma has reduced the manual coding burden by up to 70%.

Ali Cloud’s deployment of TONGYI Lingma demonstrates the impactful role of GenAI in programming, enhancing team efficiency by over 10%. Rather than replacing human developers, this GenAI tool complements their creativity and analytical skills, allowing them to focus more on system design and core functionalities.

With plans to have 20% of future coding done by TONGYI Lingma, Ali Cloud is setting a trend for utilizing AI to democratize programming skills and amplify developers’ capabilities. This strategy aligns with the vision of making software development more accessible, empowering developers to elevate their work beyond routine tasks.