Carrefour, in collaboration with Google, has unveiled the Carrefour Marketing Studio, a GenAI platform that streamlines the creation of tailored marketing strategies.

This platform, powered by Google’s Vertex AI, automatically generates marketing campaigns for social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. By tapping into a vast data lake, it pulls precise product details, crafting campaigns that closely match consumer preferences and behaviors. This automation not only saves marketers time but also ensures that each message is both precise and impactful.

Technologically, integrating advanced GenAI into the platform was a major challenge, especially given the tight four-week deadline leading up to the Viva Technology conference in Paris. With assistance from Google, Carrefour developed a user-friendly application that enables marketing teams to customize and automate campaigns, enhancing their advertising capabilities easily.

Upon its debut, the platform received positive feedback for its efficiency in producing personalized marketing on a large scale. By employing GenAI, the platform can quickly create multiple versions of campaigns, effectively meeting the diverse needs of Carrefour’s product range and customer base. This capability ensures more engaging content by tailoring campaigns to specific consumer groups.

Looking ahead, Carrefour aims to broaden the Marketing Studio‘s features, including adding GenAI-powered audio content generation for radio and YouTube campaigns. Carrefour aims to expand its marketing efforts across various channels with this development. It also highlights the potential of GenAI in transforming traditional marketing strategies.