Carrefour collaborates with Bain & Company, launching a new ChatGPT service for a superior shopping journey.

French grocery titan Carrefour has recently launched a ChatGPT service, aiming to elevate the shopping experience. This initiative, born from a partnership with Bain & Company, harnesses the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT for customer interaction and internal operations.

The centerpiece is ‘Hopla’, a ChatGPT-based chatbot integrated into the website. It assists shoppers using natural language AI, guiding them in product selection based on criteria like budget and dietary needs. Additionally, Hopla offers anti-waste suggestions and helps in creating recipes and shopping lists.

Carrefour’s use of generative AI extends beyond customer interaction. The technology is employed to enhance product descriptions on over 2,000 items, with plans to expand this to all product sheets. Furthermore, it’s instrumental in internal purchasing processes, aiding in drafting tenders and analyzing quotes, thereby streamlining operations.

This ambitious project is supported by Microsoft, using its OpenAI Azure service to access GPT-4 technology. This collaboration ensures robust data security and GDPR compliance, underscoring Carrefour’s commitment to responsible and secure AI implementation.