CCTV Finance introduces AI anchors, delivering 24/7 expertise in economics and tourism with cutting-edge technology.

CCTV Finance has launched two AI anchors capable of answering questions on economics, industry, and tourism around the clock. Modeled after real-life CCTV presenters Guo Ruotian and Meng Zhandong, these digital hosts offer 24-hour service within the CCTV Finance App, bringing real-time answers in a lifelike form to users’ queries.

Developed with the technology support of Ant Group’s Lingjing Digital Human Platform, these AI anchors are created using just 5 minutes of video data. They are powered by virtual imaging, dynamic neural radiance fields, and pre-trained voice synthesis technologies, boasting high modeling accuracy, comprehensive dynamic details, natural pronunciation, and high fidelity.

This initiative follows Ant Group’s technical support for the “Digital Torchbearer” relay at last year’s Hangzhou Asian Games, demonstrating smooth operation across 97% of mobile devices, thanks to its proprietary 3D engine.

The move towards AI broadcasters began in 2021 with CCTV’s introduction of an AI sign language anchor, providing continuous service to the hearing impaired since the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. This development is part of CCTV’s ongoing effort to leverage AI in enhancing its broadcasting services, offering a glimpse into the future of digital media.