Cerence Inc. teams with Microsoft, integrating ChatGPT for a revolutionary in-car experience.

Cerence Inc., a leader in AI for mobility, has announced an exciting collaboration with tech giant Microsoft. This partnership aims to revolutionize the in-car user experience by integrating OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology via Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. Cerence’s expertise in automotive technology and Microsoft’s prowess in cloud capabilities are set to create a seamless and intelligent in-vehicle experience.

The collaboration’s first step involves implementing a tailored, automotive-grade version of ChatGPT, accessible through Microsoft Azure. This integration will provide automotive OEMs and their customers with an advanced in-car experience, combining Cerence’s specialized knowledge in transportation with Microsoft’s cloud technologies. The result is a holistic user experience, blending seamlessly with automakers’ existing voice and touch interfaces.

Cerence plans to incorporate these new capabilities into its flagship platform, Cerence Assistant, elevating the post-purchase value for automakers. This integration will enhance the in-car user experience with a wide array of knowledge domains and real-time data accessibility. Stefan Ortmanns, CEO of Cerence, highlights the transformative potential of this partnership in driving generative AI innovation in the automotive sector.

Dominik Wee, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, emphasizes the transformative role of generative AI in redefining natural language interactions within vehicles. This collaboration is poised to offer unique, AI-powered user experiences, maintaining each automaker’s distinct customer relationships. Furthermore, Cerence Assistant will gain from Microsoft’s advanced content and services, including Azure Maps, with continuous over-the-air updates powered by Azure.