China FAW revolutionizes its data analysis with Alibaba Cloud’s GPT-BI, enhancing decision-making in the automotive sector.

China FAW, in alliance with Alibaba Cloud, has unveiled a significant innovation in automotive industry data analysis with GPT-BI. This GenAI-first approach transforms the conventional Business Intelligence (BI) process, introducing a dynamic, intuitive method of handling data. GPT-BI’s ability to interpret natural language queries and convert them into insightful analytical charts marks a notable advancement, boasting an impressive 90% accuracy rate.

The strategic incorporation of GPT-BI is a critical component in China FAW’s digital transformation journey, which commenced in 2022. Emphasizing a cloud-native business model, China FAW has successfully integrated its digital and operational processes. This integration, part of the company’s “1164 overall battle method,” aims to achieve complete business digital twinning and double operational efficiency.

GPT-BI enhances decision-making by providing comprehensive, real-time insights. It processes user inquiries, comprehends the intent, and generates SQL data queries to produce optimal decision solutions. This advancement in data handling and analysis signifies a shift towards more informed, efficient decision-making based on dynamic, real-time factors.

In practical terms, GPT-BI can analyze complex scenarios, like discrepancies in car model production. It doesn’t just compare expected and actual output but also delves into a myriad of contributing factors, ranging from raw material supply variations to energy consumption patterns. This thorough analysis culminates in identifying key issues and presenting them in an easily understandable visual format.

Meng Xin, Vice President of the Red Flag Brand Operation Committee at China FAW, emphasizes the foundational role of GenAI models in future production processes. The company aims to apply GenAI across all its business functions, harnessing the vast data from business unit twins. This strategic application of GenAI is poised to bring profound and lasting changes to the company’s operational capabilities.

China FAW’s venture with GPT-BI is not just limited to internal applications. The company plans to utilize its rich data assets on Alibaba Cloud’s “Baolian” platform to develop vertical GenAI models for diverse areas like R&D, manufacturing, and after-sales services. This endeavor will maximize GenAI’s effectiveness across various business sectors.