Christus Health tackles clinician burnout with Abridge’s GenAI documentation, improving work-life balance and patient care.

Christus Health, a large Texas-based health system, recently adopted Abridge’s GenAI tool for clinical documentation. After a successful pilot with primary care and specialist physicians, the system will roll out the technology to all ambulatory clinicians within months.

Using Abridge‘s GenAI, Christus clinicians now spend 60% less time on documentation after hours. This significant reduction in administrative tasks has resulted in a 40% decrease in burnout rates, as measured by the Mini Z Burnout Survey. Moreover, the technology has enabled doctors to give undivided attention to patients, resulting in a 41% boost in patient communication and satisfaction.

Abridge’s GenAI creates real-time clinical note drafts from patient conversations, which are then integrated into the electronic health record (EHR) system. This seamless process, supported by data from over 1.5 million medical encounters, is available in more than 14 languages and 50 specialties, making it highly versatile across different medical fields.

The positive impact at Christus Health underscores the broader potential of GenAI in healthcare. By reducing cognitive load by 78%, Abridge allows physicians to focus more on patient care than administrative tasks, enhancing efficiency and reducing stress.