Massive Bio introduces groundbreaking GPT4-powered chatbots, AskFiona AI and DrArturo AI, revolutionizing oncology clinical trials and patient care.

Massive Bio, a leader in personalized oncology solutions, recently unveiled its GPT4 AI chatbots, AskFiona AI and DrArturo AI, at ASCO 2023, marking a significant leap in cancer care and research. These AI-driven tools are set to transform patient-provider engagement and advance global oncology research​​.

The new platform is central to transforming clinical trials. It elevates Massive Bio’s existing SYNERGY-AI Clinical Trial Matching Solution, promising a new era in personalized oncology solutions. By incorporating these chatbots, Massive Bio aims to empower patients, enable healthcare consumerization, and lessen reliance on hospital-specific healthcare systems, leveraging the latest in generative AI technology​​.

AskFiona AI, an advanced AI chatbot, guides patients through the complexities of clinical trials, clarifying trial purposes, processes, and patient eligibility. This fosters clear, informed decision-making for cancer patients​​. Complementing this, DrArturo AI serves as a vital virtual oncology tool for providers, including oncologists and hematologists, offering detailed, personalized information about clinical trials, treatment details, and insurance acceptance​​.

Dr. Arturo Loaiza Bonilla, Co-founder and CMO of Massive Bio, highlighted that DrArturo AI is invaluable for site investigators and research coordinators, providing detailed study explanations, responding to protocol-related queries, and ensuring a continuous flow of crucial information. This capability enhances patient care and accelerates research​​.