Designium’s new GenAI-powered Snapchat lenses offer interactive and immersive AR experiences.

Japanese creative studio Designium has introduced a new range of Snapchat Lenses that use GenAI and augmented reality (AR). These lenses enhance user appearances and transform their surroundings, providing a more interactive experience on Snapchat.

Unlike traditional facial filters, Designium’s lenses integrate GenAI with AR, allowing users to interact with their environment through gestures, expressions, and movements. The studio’s portfolio includes lenses like the FishScooping Lens, which lets users catch virtual fish with a swipe, and the Omikuji Lens, which offers virtual fortunes reflecting Japanese culture.

Designium addressed the challenge of blending virtual elements with real-world interactions by leveraging GenAI. This technology enables realistic and responsive AR effects. Examples include the BallToss Lens, an AR game testing users’ aiming skills, and the Face Fusion France Lens, which morphs users’ faces with iconic French figures. These lenses provide engaging experiences and advance AR technology.

GenAI in lens creation allows for complex and lifelike AR experiences, enhancing user engagement. With Snapchat Camera for Chrome, these experiences are now accessible through web browsers, expanding creative possibilities. Designium’s integration of GenAI and AR encourages users to explore and interact with augmented reality in new ways.